Infusions and herbal teas are a rising trend amongst tea-drinking consumers. Dilmah is combating the trend with their recently launched herbal-ingredient-based products which cater to the rising demand. Dilmah's new additions into the t-Series family includes the flavours; Peppermint, Cinnamon and Clove Infusion; Ceylon Green Tea with Lychee and Ginger; Natural Infusion of Blueberry and Clove; and Elderflower with Cinnamon and Apple Infusion.

The ingredients – which are all natural – include fruits, spices, herbs and the goodness of real Ceylon Tea. These new teas and infusions can be brewed hot or even cold, as well as used for tea gastronomy and mixology.

"Fruit / herbal tea, meanwhile, is growing most quickly in developed markets such as Canada where it appeals to health-conscious consumers. There is a need to prioritise wellness claims, premium styles and an ethical / sustainable brand positioning. Consumers like cold brew and earthy flavours found in kombucha and matcha and looks for healthy, functional beverages. Fruit / herbal tea blends (not containing camellia sinensis) are especially prevalent in Germany and Central Europe. Functionality is an untapped product claim for hot tea, with manufacturers in the US and UK trialling hot tea products for natural energy." - Euromonitor

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